2007-2010 Conversion and extension of a turn-of-the-century villa, Moedling - Austria

Conversion of an existing villa dating from the Gründerzeit, with the addition of a wellness area on a large site covered with pine trees. Accentuation of the garden area and renovation of an existing garden house.


Old building




Structural engineers:   Fröhlich & Locher Zivilingenieure GmbH

   Schottenfeldgasse 78, 1070 Wien-A


Building physics:        DI. Walter Prause


Technical engineers:   Die Haustechniker GmbH, Technologiepark 10, 8380 Jennersdorf-A


Landscape design:     Maria Auböck und János Kárász

   Bernardgasse 21, 1070 Wien-A